This is Achmed's mini series that is within The Jeff Dunham Show. The first minisode premiered with the first episode of the show.

List of Minisodes Edit

  1. "Achmed the Dead Terrorist Shares Classified Information"- Achmed says, "You didn't hear it from me, but Owen totally likes you," and then the camera turns to a 4-6 year old girl.
  2. "Achmed the Dead Terrorist Mistakes Members of a Religous Group for a Fruit Drink"- a woman says that she was having a picnic with juice and Achmed thinks that she said Jews.
  3. "Achmed the Dead Terrorist Invites a Group of 3 year olds to his birthday party"- Achmed asks some 3 year olds to come to his birthday party, to which none of them reply.
  4. "Achmed the Dead Terrorist hits on a Milf" Achmed asks out a Milf.
  5. "Achmed the Dead Terrorist hits on a Milf again" Achmed looks at a Milf's chest

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