This is a list of episodes of The Jeff Dunham Show

  1. Jeff and Walter visit a therapist; Achmed starts his own comedy DVD; Bubba J visits a rifle range; Peanut goes on a date with Brooke Hogan.
  2. Walter interviews Joel and Benji Madden from the band Good Charlotte and gets a checkup from a female doctor; Achmed stages his own funeral.
  3. Walter learns about video gaming from some experts; Achmed tries to become a U.S. citizen; Sweet Daddy Dee shows Jeff what African-Americans think is funny; Peanut invents an energy drink.
  4. Achmed watches an adult movie for the first time; Peanut tries his luck as a rapper; Bubba J visits a hypnotist.
  5. Walter gives his wife a vacation for their anniversary; Achmed records cell phone ringtones; Sweet Daddy Dee participates in a Civil War reenact; Bubba J "drunk proofs" a family's house.
  6. Peanut finds the Jeff Dunham Show dancers. Walter gives relationship advice. Achmed tries to become a marine. Bubba J records ringtones

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